Damon Dash the new Donald Trump? It seems as if Damon will be stepping into Donald Trump like shoes when his new television series places him in control of several apprentices.

Dash has partnered with BET to create “The Ultimate Hustler”, a competition between several individuals who are hoping to become the winner after completing several jobs. Instead of saying, “You’re Fired” as Donald Trump says, Damon will have his own personal way to let go of a person after every competition.

He will snatch the Roc-A-fella gold chains from around their necks. This is just one of the first television shows that BET plans to release later this year to garner a bigger audience. “We realized if we’re going to make our mark, it’s in original programming,” Executive VP of Entertainment and Music Programming Stephen Hill said in a statement. “We know it’s ambitious, but it’s a long time coming.” “The Ultimate Hustler” debuts later this year.