P.Diddy is taking his Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group to new heights with his latest deal in business. P. Diddy has formed a joint 50-50 venture with Kansas City Weld Wheel Industries to produce a new line of rims. Specifically for SUV’s, sports trucks and high-end American and German made automobiles, the rims will be retailing anywhere from $700 to $3,000 each.

“Wheels have become a fashion statement— a badge of taste and style”, P Diddy said. “We see an opportunity to bring excitement to the wheel category by delivering the Sean John sophisticated design with the best quality production”.

The SJC (Sean John Combs) Wheels co partner in the venture is Greg Weld a former auto racer who began manufacturing wheels in 1970. Weld says he is still a little overwhelmed with the attention his partner receives. “He is an icon in the urban market and the urban market is huge, the single biggest segment of wheel business. But we did not know how to tap into that market. Having a personality or high profile person is a little like Nike getting together with Michael Jordan. It increases recognition”, Weld said.