Rev. Al Sharpton wants to start making some changes in hip-hop. Hoping to buy stock in several record companies that distribute hip-hop music, Rev. Sharpton believes he will be able to have a better say in the type of music the public hears as a stockholder.

“I don’t think too many CEOs want to see me come into his stockholders meeting to say they’re not doing enough to stop the violence”, he told the NY Daily News. Not only are the record companies on Sharpton’s radar but the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) is also one of his groups of interest.

Hoping to get stricter regulations of hip-hop radio stations after the latest shooting outside of HOT97 a few weeks ago. “I don not understand how the FCC can make a lot of noise around Janet Jackson and that case with Howard Stern, but the FCC has not said anything about a pattern of shooting and other violence at radio stations. At what point does it go from programming to inciting?”, he said.