After battling for years with both Benzino and his partner David Mays, Eminem has finally decided enough is enough. Stating through his lawyer Donald N. David that “there is nothing left to win” in a battle with The Source, Eminem is no longer interested in continuing his lawsuit. According to David, Eminem is happy with maintaining a copyright to the songs that the Source published in their magazine and $131,000 in sanctions against the magazine. Eminem was awarded the sanctions after The Source was found in contempt for distributing the songs through the magazine. “If they try to release material anew,” David said, “then we will again file a suit against them, and this time there will be no ambiguity, Mr. David said. The decision isn’t yet final until the court accepts Eminem’s application to close the case.

Despite the things that he has been through including lyrical beef, 50 Cent sees himself as a role model for young kids today.” I see myself as a role model because I’ve been taking advantage of all the options and opportunities that have been created for me,” he told MTV. “They may not consider me as a role model because I write about harsh realities — the things that actually go on in the environment that I came up in — and I ain’t going to change that. But what I say to the kids is, ‘Watch what I do, not what I say.’