The November 24 release of the Shady XV album has inspired a list, “10 Things We’re Excited To Hear From Eminem’s Shady XV Album.” 

“At the end of August it was announced that Eminem would be releasing Shady XV, a two-disc album that is set to mark Shady Records’ 15-year anniversary, founded in 1999,” Green Label’s piece says. “Fittingly, the upcoming album will be Shady Records’ fifteenth release and is set to house some of the label’s most iconic songs, as well as new material from Eminem and the label’s other acts including Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf, among others.”

One thing desired from Green Label’s list is a D12 reunion.

“Despite the mainstream success of both their debut and sophomore projects (both being certified double-platinum) D12 found themselves drifting into Hip Hop’s shadows following the untimely death of member Proof in 2006,” Green Label’s article says. “Although a third album is said to be in the works, we’ve yet to hear new material from The Dirty Dozen. As a tribute to the label that has been the engine behind their erstwhile chart dominance, and to help quench demand from fans, a D12 reunion on wax is something we’re all hoping for on Shady XV.”

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