After Method Man addressed the track in yesterday’s DX Daily, Raekwon offered his explanation of “Meth Vs. Chef” in today’s. The collaboration appeared on Method Man’s debut album Tical in 1994. 

“He always thought that was a little battle,” Raekwon said in a clip that premiered as a part of today’s DX Daily. “I wasn’t really battling him. Meth don’t wanna battle me, you know what I mean? And I don’t wanna battle him. He’s witty with words. He got his way of doing things and I definitely got my way of doing things. At the end of the day that’s my boy. I love him to death. It was a miniature battle. I was coming with mine, he was coming with his. It was fun. But you know I’m the greatest, man. You know who I am. I’m definitely a knock-out artist.”

Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow is scheduled for release on December 2 via Warner Bros. Records.

In an interview with HipHopDX last month, Raekwon explained his decision to delay the release of his next solo album while the group promotes A Better Tomorrow

“I decided to stand for my brothers right now and push my album to the backburner,” he said. “My album will be coming out next year, in the Spring, you know, around March. I felt I did it for a great cause because this is the family. I had to do that. I feel good about it and I understand more the direction of where everybody wants to go. And we happy. Like I said, you just getting great music at its finest right now.”

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