During his appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas over the weekend, Nas confirmed that he did receive his younger brother Jabari “Jungle” Jones’ assistance on his “One Mic” record.

AllHipHop.com reports that while speaking to the audience at the festival, the Queens, New York rapper revealed that he was lacking the motivation to write when Jungle gave him the first four lines to what would become the Stillmatic record “One Mic.”

“Year after year. Another album after another album. Record company bullshit. Life, life. So, I couldn’t write,” Nas said during his Fun Fun Fun Fest performance. “And I listened to what he said, and he gave me the first four lines and then I took it from there. My brother said this—He’s not a rapper, ‘All I need is one mic…’”

Nas’ revelation comes years after music journalist dream hampton accused the rapper of enlisting Jay Electronica and stic.man as ghostwriters on his Untitled album.

In response to the rumors, Nas fired back with his newly-released record, “The Season.” On the J Dilla-produced record, Nas raps:

“Jay Elec doesn’t write it / HOV couldn’t write it, he vacationin’ / Jungle the only brother I take shit from / Hassan give me lines, we talk all the time / So I guess if he inspired my song it ain’t mine.”

Other artists present at Fun Fun Fun Fest included Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, Run The Jewels, and Flying Lotus.

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