DJ Premier recently sat down with Snoop Dogg on Double G News ( to reflect on the music they grew up with. 

“We’re from the era of no rap,” DJ Premier says. “Unless it was James Brown rapping or Marvin Gaye rapping or Millie Jackson.”

Snoop Dogg brings up the songwriter and parody rapper Blowfly. “Blowfly was a bad motherfucker,” he says. 

“We used to memorize ‘Rapp Dirty’ like to the very beginning,” Premier responds. “That’s why we can do Hip Hop right all the time. Those are the ancestors that gave us the door and the key and said go on in.”

Premier continues by saying that he enjoyed the James Brown biopic, Get On Up, and then discusses how Marley Marl has inspired him.

“I’m a junkie for James anyway,” he says, “because I make beats and Marley Marl took James to a level make the music, yeah, ugh. His funk, man. Marley Marl is James Brown’s producer to me because James had a certain bounce that you just cannot explain.”

Premier also discusses his current work saying, “invisible or visible, I’m active.” He says he has a “banger” with Miguel and the PRyme album with Royce Da 5’9 that only samples Adrian Younge. 

He says that he has been talking with Nas about working together.

“We haven’t worked on anything in a while,” the Gang Starr member says. “I know he has another album for Def Jam that he has to wrap up and then I think he’s free from there. Don’t quote me on it, but I think he’s free to do what he wants after that. He’d rather do it in the free time.”

Premier reminds Snoop Dogg that he produced “N.Y. State of Mind” on Nas’ Illmatic album, which is the subject of the recent Time is Illmatic documentary. 

“You humble as a motherfucker,” says Snoop Dogg. “You would think a motherfucker like you would be, ‘You know I did that. I did that.’”

“On stage, I got an attitude,” Premier says, “but that’s just because same thing, when you go on stage, it’s just something about that crowd. It gets you.”

Premier also promotes his recently launched personal website, which is the hub for his merchandise, current news, classic work with Gang Starr and a video series called Bars in the Booth, which has featured Papoose and Loaded Lux.

“Spitters only,” he says of the series. “There’s some artists that are selling records but they will never be on it because they’re not on that level of spitting.”

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