After receiving criticism from the likes of 2 Chainz and others for their “Migos flow,” Atlanta-based rap trio Migos found themselves with a new celebrity fan today (November 6).

On the week of the release of Migos’ Rich Nigga Timeline, former A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip expressed his appreciation for the group. Q-Tip began his series of Migos tweets by declaring that those who answer “no” after being asked if they like Migos “can’t be trusted.”

Hours after posting his initial tweet about Migos, the Queens, New York rapper/producer stated that those in the group “got bars” and are “tha truth.”

Q-Tip then compared Migos’ creativity to that of groups like Geto Boys and UGK.

Migos’ Rich Nigga Timeline mixtape was released yesterday (November 5) and consists of 18 tracks.

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