With the tracklist for the upcoming Eminem and Shady Records release ShadyXV now revealed, Lawrence, Massachusetts native Statik Selektah, the producer behind the album’s “Detroit vs. Everybody” record, spoke with Complex about how the collaboration came about. 

“I’ve been on Eminem’s radio station [Shade 45] for almost 10 years now,” Statik Selektah says. “So I deal with Paul [Rosenberg] weekly… It was cool how it worked out. I had just moved recently, and the first beat I made in the crib, the beat and the sample says ‘static.’ I don’t know what part they kept… It has to be on there, though. But the original sample said ‘static.’ So I found the record when I was moving into my new crib, and I was like, ‘Oh, I got to use this.’ So I chopped it up real quick. And it was a Thursday because that night I went to Shade 45. So I was like, ‘You know what? I’m going to play the original sample, but I’m going to play the beat just as the intro to the show.’ And I played the original sample, and as it’s playing, I’m like, ‘Oh shit, I don’t even have the beat on me.’ I forgot to put the beat on my laptop. So I just played the sample.

Paul Rosenberg texts me,” Statik Selektah continues. “He’s like, ‘Yo, what is that? You should use that.’ But I already did. He’s like, ‘Send me that ASAP,’ so I sent it to him. A couple weeks later he hit me like, ‘Yo, we need the sample info. They’re clearing it.’ From then, I knew it was for Eminem. It’s a real crazy feeling getting that call. I knew that Royce [Da 5’9] and Big Sean were on that record, but I didn’t know until now all these other people were on it.

Discussing his reaction when he first made the beat, Statik Selektah recalls thinking Eminem would be a good fit for the track.

“It’s crazy because when I made the beat, I was like, ‘Em would body this shit,’” Statik Selektah says. “I actually haven’t heard the song yet. I can’t wait to. But the beat alone is just so Eminem. I’m excited to hear what they did with it.”

Later in the conversation, Statik Selektah spoke on the sound of the record, describing it as “the definition of boom bap.”

“It’s the kind of beat that I’ve always wanted to hear Eminem on,” he says. “It’s definitely a classic vibe. I’m also curious to hear what everybody else sounds like. Obviously Royce is gonna fucking body it, because Royce has bodied this style of beat. But it will be dope to hear someone like Big Sean and Dej Loaf on some boom bap shit.”

ShadyXV is scheduled for release on November 24.

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