Following his recent arrest after allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera, comedian/actor Katt Williams spoke with TMZ to share his side of the arrest story.

According to Williams, who was arrested earlier this week with former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight, the female photographer “was engaged inappropriately with a child” who was not supervised, in an alley.

He later revealed that she wasn’t taking pictures of the child, but was instead recording video of them.

“I am as interested as you in finding out what the lady says her actual story was,” Katt Williams said. “I knew that she was engaged inappropriately with a child. Not with any adult. We’re talking about a five-year-old. Let’s be very clear…I’m saying for you to have caught the child when the child is by no adult and that’s when you—I’m saying that she wasn’t involved with any adult and there were at least nine there. And her actions was with the child. She was doing no photographs. She was recording. Her story is clearly she got in an altercation with me, but she didn’t…But she didn’t have the altercation with that person [Suge Knight] either.”

The comedian/actor shared that while at the precinct, authorities then tried to have him blame the incident on Knight.

And in regards to the photographer’s camera being stolen, Williams says he and Knight did not steal the camera, but instead chased after the photog after she wouldn’t delete her footage of the child.

“Well, more importantly, I didn’t take her camera. So, the fact that I didn’t take her camera—But I’m saying don’t say you’re gonna erase something and then take off running and think somebody’s not gonna chase you,” he said. “So, they do chase you. Then they do get the camera back. You’re supposed to erase it. Now you wanna fight now. So, now it’s insult to injury. And then to top things off, you’re gonna be the victim? I don’t know how you’re gonna pull all three things off.”

As a result of this week’s arrest, Katt Williams could reportedly face seven years in custody while Suge Knight faces 30 to life in state prison due to a prior conviction.

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