Nas made a surprise appearance at a Run The Jewels fan appreciation event last night in Brooklyn and previewed a new J Dilla produced song called “The Season.”

During the Q&A portion of an event that also featured a screening of The Warriors, Nas emerged and explained the inspiration he gets from the newly signed Mass Appeal duo.

“Just came here really to support the brothers on an incredible project,” Nas said of Killer Mike and El-P. “I been watching them do their thing and even feel like this is something that inspires me. It’s a lot going on in the music scene so just to hear them is really inspiring. I’m proud to be rocking with these brothers and be on their side.

“Wanted to share a new record here, at your guys’ launch thing ‘cause this is the type of feel I’m in,” he added. “What they’re doing, I like to say that I’m doing that kind of sound. So I thought it’d be cool if it was alright with you guys.”

“The Season” features Nas rhyming over J Dilla’s Donuts track “Gobstopper” and even shrugging off rumors of his rhymes being ghostwritten before crediting his brother Jabari “Jungle” Jones.

“Jay Elec doesn’t write it / Hov couldn’t it write he vacationing / Jungle the only brother I take shit from / Hasan give me lines / We talk all the time / So I guess if he inspire my song it ain’t mine,” Nas raps.

Jay Electronica used the same J Dilla beat for his song “Abracadabra” in 2008.

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