On November 22, Los Angeles-based record label Funk Volume is set to hold its first virtual Hip Hop conference, news it is releasing exclusively through HipHopDX.

The event itself is designed to help aspiring artists understand the essentials of making it in the music industry and is slated to be available via computer or mobile.

Four panels are planned for the event with each one being limited to 1,000 places. 

According the conference’s website, the schedule for the day is as follows:

09:30AM (PST) – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work, Putting Together A 

Successful Team

Example topics include:

• Who should be a part of your team?

• How should you go about finding these people?

• What role should you look to fill first?

• How should you compensate them?

Panelists: Will Bronson, JDot, Dana Biondi, Damien Ritter

11:00AM (PST) – Getting On The Road & The Importance Of The Live Show

Example topics include:

• Should you pay to open up for other artists?

• How do you find a booking agent?

• What are booking agents looking for?

• At what point should you expect payment to do shows?

Panelists: Matt Adler, Propaganda, Adam Stroul, Chris Webby

1:00PM (PST) – I Need More Views! Building A YouTube Audience

Example topics include:

• How important are videos?

• How to get access to good videographers

• How should you fund your videos?

• How do you get people to watch your videos?

Panelists: Wax, Mac Lethal, Jakob Owens, Prince EA

2:30PM (PST) – Why Make Your Own? Learn From Their Mistakes

Example topics include:

• What have they learned over the past 6 years?

• What changed in that time from when they started?

• Would you have done anything different?

• How do you know who has your best interest in mind?

Panelists: Locksmith, Jarren Benton, Crooked I, R.A. The Rugged Man

For more information on the conference, and to sign up to the day, click here.

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