After Mack Maine revealed that Tha Carter V would be delayed just a day before it’s planned drop date, Lil Wayne himself released a video blog yesterday (October 28) to announce that the album will be split into two parts with the first half due out on December 9.

“Honestly, I been working hard every motherfucking day on this album and this album mean a whole lot to me,” Wayne says in the video. “I know the real fans out there, it means a whole lot to them too. I kind of refuse to cheat them and just give them anything rushed. I recorded so many songs we had to come up with an idea or a way to get all the music out there and not just 13 songs or 12 songs.”

In the clip Wayne claims to have recorded 31 songs for the album before announcing the plan to split the project in half. 

“Back in the days, I know ya’ll can remember you could put 31 songs on the album,” he says. “Well now the time limits on albums and CDs or whatever you wanna call it you can’t do that now. Like I said, I worked too much on this album, y’all. Day and night, night and day. I got too many songs recorded and I worked on way too much to just give y’all half of it. If would have dropped the album today it would have had to be like 12 or 13 songs. I was like, ‘I refuse to do it. I refuse to cheat my fans. I refuse to cheat myself.’ We have to come up with a way to give people every song that I been in here recording. And so, we came up with that idea.

“So, the first part of the album will be dropping December 9,” Wayne says near the end of the video. “Again, the first part of Tha Carter V album will be dropping December 9. Stay tuned for the next part of the album. It’s gonna be crazy. I worked too hard.”

Lil Wayne also took the PSA to preview the album’s first single called “Gotti” featuring The Lox.

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