Ja Rule entered into a plea of guilty in a Toronto, Canada courtroom earlier today for an assault that occurred in a nightclub last year. Standing on the courthouse steps with his lawyer, wife and bodyguards, Ja Rule also known as Jeffrey Atkins apologized to the city. “I’m just sorry about my actions”.

Ja Rule was involved in an assault that he says began after a crowd that formed around him at the La Rouge Nightclub and began shouting “derogatory” comments toward him provoked him. The incident happen around the same time Ja Rule began publicly feuding with 50 Cent. Walking to the exit, Ja Rule punched someone in the eye leaving them with a black eye and cuts under their eyelid. He received a fine of $1,200 dollars but was spared the jail time he could have received if he didn’t make a plea offer. “Hopefully this was a one-time outburst”, Justice W.P. Bassel said