After entering the rap game together almost ten years ago, Lil Kim and Lil Cease are no longer as close as they used to be. Lil Cease took the stand last week and informed the jury about Lil Kim having a relationship with Damion (D-Roc) Butler who was involved in the shooting outside of HOT97 in 2001.

Lil Kim told the grand jury that Butler was not in the area when the shooting occurred. After admitting to police that he had fired a weapon, Butler is currently serving twelve years in jail. Lil Cease took the stand telling the jury of the relationship that Kim had with Damion that ended on a bad note. “There was an argument about something”, Cease said. “Butler came downstairs and told her to get out, that it was his house.” After being thrown out, Lil Kim banged on the door but Lil Cease wouldn’t open it. “She didn’t like what I did”. Prosecutors used Lil Cease’s testimony to prove Lil Kim had a motive to lie to the grand jury. Butler also took the stand but refused to say anything other than his name and height without the promise of immunity.