After severing his penis and jumping out of a second-story window while under the influence of PCP in April, Wu-Tang Clan affiliated rapper Christ Bearer performed a stand-up comedy routine about the incident at a club in North Hollywood.

In a clip published by TMZ, Christ Bearer is seen performing on stage at the Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club.

“One time I heard voices, the voices told me, ‘Cut your dick off.’” he says in the video. ‘I said, ‘What?!’ ‘You heard me, cut your dick off.’ So I did. Folks I don’t care how high you get, once you chop off your penis you sober right the fuck up quick! So I just jumped out the window. I woke up, the paramedics were trying to find a pulse. I said, ‘Fuck the pulse! Find my dick!’ You can’t be Black, broke, and no dick. That’s like being White with bad credit, right?”

Christ Bearer, whose given name is Andre Johnson, performed as one half of the duo Northstar. The group’s debut album Northstar was produced by RZA and released in 2004.

RZA addressed Christ Bearer in a statement days after the incident in April. 

“Christ Bearer is a tragic story because it’s still the same situation: a guy we gave a chance to,” RZA said in an interview with XXL. “If I remember that deal back in the day, I remember they signed for, like, $150,000, a record deal from some young guys from Long Beach, Cali. He had a partner named Meko. I liked those guys. I liked what they stood for, young guys trying. I can’t wait to really hear the whole story. It’s sad that it’s Wu-Tang affiliated. It’s like dirty press in a way. I want to know what the fuck moved him to do those things.” 

In July, Christ Bearer spoke about the incident and refuted claims that he was trying to kill himself.

“By no means was I trying to kill myself,” he said in an interview with the New York Daily News. “I was under the influence of PCP. It’s a drug that I had stopped doing for years, but I just got back from Ohio and got back into that lifestyle for a few days. It definitely was not wise…I was lucky I was only on the second floor. If I was any higher, it would have been a tragedy. The height didn’t make any difference to me. I wasn’t aware of the height. I was so happy to wake up in the hospital.”

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