Although the song has already cause beef between 50 Cent and Game, Jadakiss sees the “PiggyBank” track as good thing for him.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with 50. But I thank him for the opportunity to let me air his ass out, Jadakiss told MTV. “As long as we do it right, we can’t go wrong from this. When I heard ‘Piggy Bank,’ I was happy. I felt way worse when I heard Beanie Sigel‘s dis record a few years back. ‘Piggy Bank’ was funny to me. He’s gotta have something else. That can’t be it, it’s garbage! I guess it was just a jab. But the power punch I’m gonna give him, that wasn’t the right arsenal to start off the fight with.”

Jadakiss sees the “Piggy Bank” song as a way to make extra sales for his next album as well as his crew. “I just want to benefit off it,” Jada said. “I need Styles‘ album to benefit off it. That’s where the real response is gonna be, but until then, I’mma give you a whole plate of hors d’oeuvres to live with until it comes. This is right up our alley, and I got nothing to lose. I’m still gonna sell 900,000 records, I still can go in any ‘hood and I still get love from the people. This is just helping me out.”