With her trail just beginning; the US Attorney is out to prove Lil Kim’s statements to the grand jury are all lies.

In his opening statement Daniel Gittner told a Manhattan jury that Lil Kim also known as Kimberly Jones and her assistant Monique Dopwell “flat-out lied” about whether her manger Damion Butler and Suif Jackson were outside of HOT97 when a shooting occurred in 2001.

“The defendants decided not to honor the oath they took”, Gittner said. “ They decided the oath did not apply to them”. Judge Gerard E. Lynch has instructed the jury not to purchase any of Lil Kim’s cd’s during the trial or listen to HOT97.

“It’s not a good idea to form any opinion about the music that you don’t already have”, the judge said. Lil Kim’s lawyer Mel, Sachs, has insisted she has “answered every single question she was asked and she did not lie”. But added she may have been too traumatized to remember every detail.

If Lil Kim and her assistant are convicted on perjury and conspiracy charges they could be sentenced to 30 years in jail.