According to Queens, New York rapper 50 Cent, there aren’t many relationships he’s gained in the time since he started his music career that he values. 50 Cent did reveal that his relationship with fellow lyricist Eminem is one he does hold value to.

The Detroit, Michigan rapper played a vital role in launching 50’s music career and for that 50 Cent says he’d be willing to do something he couldn’t recover from for Eminem.

50 Cent also spoke on his “My Life” record with Eminem and singer Adam Levine not working due to Em’s ties with Beats By Dre and his ties with SMS Audio.

“Eminem gave me the shot that I needed at a point where he was so influential that there was nobody more influential than him,” 50 Cent said during an interview with XXL magazine. “I don’t have value for a lot of the relationships that I developed coming up on this journey, but Eminem is the guy. He’s the one. He’s been consistent with me the entire time and I love him to death. I’d fuck all the way up for him. I’d do some shit that just wouldn’t allow me to come back into a comfortable space because somebody was doing something to [Eminem] that was inappropriate, to this day…The only thing strong enough to make an Eminem record not work is the possibility of it hurting Beats [By Dre] and helping SMS Audio. It’s the record with me, Eminem and Adam Levine. That one is the only one that Eminem has that you could technically look at and say it didn’t work, because it was confusion for the Beats brand. It makes sense now that it’s a billion-dollar move and it was important to the point that it couldn’t work.”

Another relationship 50 Cent touched on during his interview with XXL magazine was his friendship with boxer Floyd Mayweather. According to 50, he never had bad intentions for Mayweather and even wants the boxer “to win as much as he can in his life.”

50 did reveal that his falling out with Mayweather was likely the end of their friendship.

“I don’t have bad intentions for Floyd,” he said. “I don’t want to see him lose. I don’t go to sleep and wake up like, ‘I hope you fucking lose, stupid.’ No, I already got past that when I said what I said. I’m already done dealing with that right there. I want him to win as much as he can in his life and also change the shit that he got going on. So he can continue to be productive. But what I’m saying to him is right and he’s going to figure that out over time. The lifestyle that is going on at the present moment is just not sustainable…He didn’t do the right things to present him to the public properly, so there’s a limit as to what he can do for promotional purposes. They keep it in that little pocket of things that they would do for traditional boxing stuff. Because where he’s at right now in boxing, there should be no one that you can look at that should be comparable to him.

“Nah, but it don’t matter though,” 50 added when asked if his relationship with Mayweather can return to what it used to be. “See, the difference between me and everybody else that he fell out with is that I’m rich. And I don’t care about being around. I had a period of time carved out where I can actually be around. People didn’t know we were friends like that; we’ve been friends since 2002. [But] I don’t care if I ever talk to him [Floyd] again.”

50 Cent and his fellow G-Unit members are currently featured on the October/November issue of XXL magazine.

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