Jake One, whos produced several tracks on 50 Cents discography, recently broke down the creation of Hustler, a cut off the G-Unit generals Animal Ambition album.

In the Snare Jordan clip, he says he had someone play an organ. The producer then took what was played and chopped it up, made a beat out of it, sent it away and 50 recorded on it pretty fast.

Jake One says says this all likely took place in 2011.

Fast forward to now, he adds, he decided to use the song. It came out. Its pretty dope. Its just another record from the discography of 50 that Ive done.

In the video below, Jake One breaks down the elements of the beat.

Jake One, who hails from Seattle, Washington, has produced for several rappers, including Rick Ross, Brother Ali and Freeway. In 2008, Jake One released White Van Music on Rhymesayers Entertainment, a project that featured Young Buck, Evidence, Busta Rhymes and Atmosphere’s Slug.

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