Azealia Banks says that the media should have covered the back and forth between T.I. and her and that T.I. should be defending protege Iggy Azalea during her beef with Snoop Dogg over his Instagram posts about her. 

“Where was the white media when T.I threatened to push me down the stairs though?” Banks wrote on Twitter today (October 15). 

In June, Azealia Banks responded to T.I.’s Instagram post calling her a “musty-mouthed thot” with a series of Tweets about T.I. and his wife, Tiny.

“Wha happens when ur wife has meth mouth? What do u do?” Azealia Banks wrote on Twitter at the time. T.I., among other things, threatened Banks. His threats included saying he would push her down stairs.

On Sunday (October 12), Snoop Dogg posted a photo making fun of Iggy Azalea’s appearance on Instagram. 

The photo shows an individual and the following caption: “Iggy Azalea No Make Up.”

Azalea responded with a series of tweets that have since been deleted from her timeline.

“Every time I’ve ever spoken to you you’ve always been nice as hell, I’m disappointed you’d be such an ass for no reason,” she wrote in one tweet.

Today, Banks tweeted, “Snoop is fucking hilarious.”

“And why isn’t t.i jumping down snoops throat? But will jump at a chance to say anything to me?” she wrote in another tweet.

Banks then took aim at the media.

“Lol, the dynamics of Urban media and the Urban world just make me laugh……..”

Banks’ tweets are as follows:

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