In a press conference held Thursday (October 2) at Warner Studios for the upcoming release of the Wu-Tang Clan’s A Better Tomorrow albumRZA clarified any misunderstanding of Cappadonna’s affiliation with Wu­-Tang Clan.

Cappadonna is an official member of Wu­-Tang Clan,” RZA says in an exclusive interview that premiered in the DX Daily yesterday (October 6). “He’s been an official member of Wu-Tang Clan since 8 Diagrams.”

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RZA goes on to say not all members of the New York rap group were present during Wu­-Tang Clan’s rise to fame. “In the early days, if you know our history, you know some of us wasn’t here, you know physically present, when this Wu­-Tang thing popped off,” RZA says. “Some of us was on iron vacations, as we like to call it.”

Some of Cappadonna’s early collaborations with members from the Wu­-Tang include Raekwon’s “Ice Cream” in 1995 and Ghostface Killah’s “Winter Warz” the following year.

“Cappadonna always been a pioneer emcee from our neighborhood,” RZA says, “that had that Wu­-Tang spirit in him.”

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