Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” remix, which was set to feature Wu-Tang Clan members, has been scrapped, the group says. U-God recently told MTV about why the song likely won’t be released. 

“We was hard body at the time,” U-God says. “We was listening to the track, and like later on, I was like, ‘What the hell was I rhyming about? I was like I was rhyming some hardcore shit, and he wanted to talk about some bitches.’ Pardon me. Women and stuff. That’s the reason it didn’t transpire. We was rushin’. We got the track last minute…At the time, I wasn’t feelin’ women-y. I was feelin’ hard as nails…The subject matter didn’t really mesh.”

Ghostface Killah also spoke about the remix. 

“I didn’t really know what was going on, what it was about,” Ghost explains in the clip. “I didn’t record. When I talked to him, I think he wanted me and Rae to go in, but for whatever reason, it never happened.” 

Ghost emphasized that he has nothing against Drake.  

“I like Drake, though,” he said. “I like him because he pay homage. At the end of the day, he know how to rhyme. He’s not weak.”

Raekwon has expressed support for the Drake remix in the past. However, Inspectah Deck has denounced the song

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