93.5FM KDAY is celebrating the fifth year of its relaunch today (October 6), as well as the station’s sustained growth, according to a press release.

“With 10 consecutive months of record breaking 1 million-plus daily tune in, it shows that KDAY is a passion brand with unique engagement – a most excellent way to ring-in our fifth birthday on FM,” Otto Padron, President of Meruelo Media, which owns KDAY, says in a press release. “KDAY is a true institution fueled by an ever-growing popularity for our music, the perfect equity combination to grow listening in a landscape full of media choices.”

KDAY stated on the AM dial as KDAY AM 1580 in the 1980s. It was the first all-Rap radio station in the United States and played a key role in popularizing the music of such artists as Eazy-E, N.W.A and Ice T.

It relaunched at 93.5FM KDAY in Los Angeles on August 20, 2009.

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