After hinting towards a secret track on October 3, Childish Gambino confirmed that the secret song was discovered yesterday (October 5). A reddit user uncovered the song and Gambino confirmed it on his Twitter timeline with a link to the reddit post.

The user, named peepsie112 on reddit, uncovered the song with the following steps:

People keep asking how I found it, so I’ll try and explain. new audioObject(“30059″,”12zzQ809”,234) is a line of code used to play 3005 on the because the internet script, “12zzQ809” is the song id or file name, so instead of using “12zzQ809”, I just replaced it with lemongrab because above the secret track section it says “[LEMONGRAB: UNNACCEPTABLE!]”, nothing too special really.

Gambino released two projects in the last week. His mixtape, STN MTN, can be heard here while his EP, Kauai, can be heard here.

To hear the “secret” song, click here

Gambino’s tweets about the secret song are below.

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