Alexander Spit, who released A Breathtaking Trip To That Otherside and Dillinger in 2013, recently unveiled the visuals behind his “Bon Voyage” cut. For Spit, this is a return to form, he says. 

“I feel like it’s time to guide people back to what it is I do, what I stand for and what I rep,” Spit explains in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “I made this ‘Bon Voyage’ video to lure my peoples back to my vibe before I move forward with them.” 

The video was unveiled this week, but Spit says it is a song for the summer. 

“This is my Summer song minus all the things the airheads of the world might want,” he says. 

The music video’s director Sam Hayes also recently spoke about the video. 

“‘Bon Voyage’ is a visually arresting re-examination of the happy-go-lucky culture of ‘Sunny California,'” Hayes said in a statement to press. “A colorful and psychedelic exploration of the outsiders and misfits living in and around San Francisco and Los Angeles, with jarring placement, we examine the dark undertone of the California ‘Permanent Vacation.’ A colorful dreamscape of juxtapositions. Dancers, drunks, singers, kids on bicycles, food peddlers, and pals. Spit guides us through a tonal ode to the expiration of the outdated idea of ‘California Dreamin’.’ This video is a lot of textures, and colors, close ups, details of daily life, details of objects, all cut together to give a fever dream idea of California, now and then, picture and reality.” 

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