With his album The Documentary flying off the shelves, JT Bigga Figga feels now is the time to release another album full of unreleased material from Game. Titled West Coast Resurrection, material on the album was recorded before the Game was signed to the Aftermath label. JT also released another album full of material from Game titled Untold Story, which has seen a rise in sales since his major label debut hit the Billboard charts. “You can hear early stages of the Game. You can hear a little bit of his development all the way through the album. You can hear the youngness in his voice, but you can still hear the hunger and still see the style”, JT said in a statement.

In other G-Unit news, 50 Cent has pushed the released date of his new album The Massacre up to March 3rd to combat growing Internet leaks. On the same date as his album release, it is said that Fat Joe will also release a song in response to 50 Cent’s lyrical jabs at him on the song “Piggybank”. Not to be outdone, 50 says his lyrical jabs at everyone from Kelis to Shyne isn’t just something he does off the top of his head. “I always try to appear less intelligent than I am”, 50 told XXL, “so I can stay ahead”.