While appearing on an episode of “The Meredith Vieira Show” this week, 50 Cent took time to play a game of “50 Cent Or 50 Shades Of Grey” with audience members.

As part of the game, the G-Unit rapper recited a mix of song lyrics and excerpts from “Fifty Shades Of Grey.” Audience members were then asked to decipher whether a particular line was a 50 Cent song lyric or an excerpt from the novel-turned-movie.

Among the 50 Cent songs included in the game were “Touch Me” and “I Smell Pussy.”

“These dirty, old women be reading these books. I can’t believe you,” 50 Cent said at one point during the game. “I can’t believe you all read this book. How do you remember every word that was in the book?”

50 Cent also spoke on his relationship with Oprah Winfrey during his appearance on “The Meredith Vieira Show.”

“Once or twice she’s listened to me,” he said. “And she says ‘Okay, we agree not to agree on those topics’…I’d see her show and every time she’d make mention of what she felt like was wrong with Hip Hop culture it was something that was on my album that was the largest debut in Hip Hop. And because it’s a platform that you would see your A-lister I didn’t want my audience to misinterpret me like I wasn’t an A-lister or wasn’t worthy of being there because of the content and the creative choices. So, when I finally did make it to the show I was like ‘Oh no, if I can’t be your friend at least let me be your enemy. So, we can coexist, baby’…I never did have a problem with her.”

Video from 50 Cent’s appearance can be found below (via XXL).

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