In a tribute to one of their members, the Wu-Tang clan has come back together to pay homage to Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The tribute song titled “I Go Through Life” will appear on ODB’s first solo album released as a joint venture on Damon Dash Music Group/Wu-Tang Records.

“Every member is on it so far, besides Ghostface Killah. Method Man was the first guy to do his verse, Raekwon and GZA did their verses pronto. I had to take some time with U-God. Cappadonna is on it also. All I need is my Ghostface verse and it will be on of the first recordings in three or four years with every member again, RZA said. After having a conversation with ODB about the future of Wu-Tang the night he died, RZA felt the fans need to know the depths of the group’s love for him. “This is a gift to ODB and the fans, so the fans can feel our love. Everybody’s got something to say about it. I haven’t played it for too many people, but me and Quentin Tarantino were hanging out a couple of weeks ago. He came by my studio and I played it for him, and he said he caught a chill”. The album is expected to drop on March 22nd.