According to G-Unit lyricist Young Buck, fans of the group were likely excited about the reunion of those in G-Unit this year. But when it concerns his fellow artists, Buck revealed that he isn’t sure if their excitement for the reunion of G-Unit was genuine.

Joined by his fellow G-Unit members, the Nashville, Tennessee rapper addressed the matter during an appearance on Hartford, Connecticut’s Hot 93.1.

“I know a lot of it is not genuine…I think a lot of it really is genuine when it comes from the fans,” Young Buck said. “From the artists, nah, I don’t know. It’s like I didn’t see none of you dudes rooting to try to get G-Unit back together when we were not together.”

Young Buck also spoke on being able to relate to Remy Ma since the two artists both served prison time recently. He says he caught up with the New York rapstress at Jeezy’s Seen It All album release party and added that G-Unit would be willing to work with Remy.

“Actually, I seen Remy a couple of days ago at Young Jeezy’s Seen It All album release party,” he said. “She came through and showed love. I’m happy for Remy. It’s good to see her out here. Another female that’s bringing that real, real to the music. You know what I’m saying? I went away to prison myself. So, at that time she was fighting her situation and ended up going away and I went away a little bit later…And she got good blood over here with G-Unit. We really rock with Remy. She one-hundred.”

With G-Unit’s The Beast Is G-UnitEP set for release this month, Lloyd Banks was asked why the group is releasing yet another EP instead of a studio album. According to Banks, those in G-Unit are not content with merely sitting on all the music they’ve made and would prefer to release what they have to fans.

“We actually got another EP on the way,” Lloyd Banks said. “It’s October. They can expect a whole ‘nother six records. The Beast Is G-Unit. So, The Beauty Of Independence was just leading into what we doing now. So, we on promo now. We gonna be hitting as many cities as we can. We want to make sure it’s right, but at the same time this is reminiscent of the mixtape days where we’re able to drop the content immediately. If a situation is happening now and I’m putting [a line] together a lot of things go as far as the business at hand. You might announce your album in January and it might not drop til November…What this is doing is—We don’t like to sit on music and all the music we made, the 40 records, we done that in three weeks. So, it’s not no time to fall in love with it. But we want something out there for the people right now.”

Lastly, G-Unit’s newest addition, Kidd Kidd spoke on being relieved at the reunion of G-Unit. He says now that the group is reunited there’s no pressure and he no longer has to hear inquiries about the whereabouts of Young Buck, Tony Yayo, and Lloyd Banks.

“I’m really happy that everybody’s back cause it released a lot of pressure off of me,” Kidd Kidd said. “For real. Before everybody was back, right? You had to deal with the ‘Aw man, we don’t wanna hear him, man. Bring Banks [back]. Where’s Buck? Where is Ye?’ You feel me…But what I really wanna put out there is I never was tryna be nobody’s replacement, man. I’m only an addition to it.”

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