With her new show “Road to Stardom” doing big things on UPN, Missy Elliott plans to drop her new before the beginning of summer. “I really do think this is my best album. I was in a really great space with this album. I wasn’t in a great space with some of the other albums I’ve done”, she told Billboard. Following her last album This is Not A Test which she dropped in 2003, Missy has been busy working on everything from her television show, a new all female group called Wicked and a movie about her life. Currently she is in the pre-production stages to create a movie about her life.

“Paramount is interested in doing the movie, and right now I’m looking at writers for it. I don’t want to star in the movie. People see only famous artists as having superstar status. But people want to know about the struggles. I’m sure that’s what made Eminem’s ‘8 Mile’ a success, because people wanted to know what his house and mom were like before he started in the music business. People can’t even imagine what I’ve been through”.