Suge Knight can breathe a little easier now that he has been released from jail. Arrested on February 5th for a parole violation, Marion “Suge” Knight was taken back to jail for two weeks until he met with his parole officer. Knight has now been released and placed on 24/7 home monitoring for the duration of his parole. With the electronic home monitoring, Suge must be in his home from 8pm to 6 am every day and submit to random drug testing.

“His family picked him up and he was told to go home and stay there until parole officers arrive and hook him up with electronic monitoring bracelets,” Margot Bach the Department of Corrections spokesperson told MTV. “He is to stay on electronic monitoring at all times, under home detention, until he discharges from parole, which is in about two and a half months. He has been found guilty, but we don’t like to return people to prison if possible. If the person has a job or a family, and there is an appropriate way to treat someone, we’re going to do it this way, rather than return him to prison,” Bach continued. “Knight has a job, he’s got family, so why not let him continue to manage his business? But do it under some conditions. He has to walk a pretty narrow line.”