DJ Skee’s DASH Radio is slated to live stream the MURS 316 stage at the Sunset Strip Music Festival September 20 and 21. The stream is set feature performances from Bun B, RiFF RAFF, DJ Quik and Killer Mike, among others, and is scheduled to be on DASH’s Independent Grind station, which is powered by Tech N9ne. 

DJ Skee and his team are always on the cutting edge,” Murs says in a press release. “To have the opportunity to partner with them on their latest venture DASH Radio is truly exciting. I believe the MURS 316 stage will be leaving an indelible mark upon the Sunset Strip this weekend just as Dash Radio is already making a huge impact in the world of streaming music services and beyond. I think it’s absolutely amazing that fans from all over the world will be able to tune in and experience the MURS 316 Stage at SSMF with a swipe of a finger. And the fact that it’s going to be hosted on the Independent Grind station, which is powered by my label Strange Music, makes the union perfect.”

DASH Radio is also set to feature exclusive interviews from performers via its Independent Grind channel.

“I’m excited this year to partner with the Sunset Music Festival for the exclusive live stream of MURS debut stage at SSMF featuring the hand-picked artists he’s selected to perform,” DJ Skee says in a press release. “We felt it was a perfect match for our Independent Grind station powered by Tech N9ne and Strange Music, where Murs is also signed to. We’ll add this to the long list of things Murs and I continue to do to support the Indie Hip Hop community. On DASH Radio, we have a station called The Strip featuring music you’ll hear being performed at the infamous Sunset Strip.  I’ve always supported the Sunset Strip Music Festival and look to doing even bigger things together in the years to come.”

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