Although he’s no longer with us it seems as if the Notorious BIG’s dream will still come to light. A clothing line titled Brooklyn Mint was not complete before his death but his mother Voletta Wallace and managers Mark Pitts and Wayne Barrow have seen to it that his dreams were put down on paper.

The first installment of the line will be available on March 9th of this year when Brooklyn Mint releases t-shirts with his image on it. Jay-Z lent his facial image as well as his support in helping the line secure its product deal. The full clothing line will available next year.

“It was important that we identified the right partner”, Barrow said. “We had to have someone who understood our vision and passion to materialize the brand Brooklyn Mint serves as a vehicle for the consumer to participate in the Legacy of B.I.G. while dismissing cultural boundaries and delivering new innovative standards in fashion”.