While Gangsta Rap isn’t quite as prevalent as it once was in rap/Hip Hop culture it still heavily exists today.

As one who has definitely spit hard and oftentimes dark bars himself, Billy Danze recently sat down with Vlad TV and said he’s personally fed up with the amount of violence in Hip Hop music today.

“I’m actually tired of violence period dude in Hip Hop whether it’s battle rapping or just artists themselves,” he said when asked about violence in Hip Hop culture. “It’s bad man because it’s giving us all a bad wrap. M.O.P. didn’t help, the bullshit that we had to go through through our career but I think at some point these artists are going to get older and they’re going to sit back and be like, ‘Damn, why did I do that? I probably shouldn’t have did that differently.'”

The M.O.P. member named the murders of Tupac and Notorious B.I.G., among others as the most tragic examples of violence gone wrong in Hip Hop culture. He claims Hip Hop still has to wear the tragedies of the two superstar’s death because music was directly involved in death of each.

“These are somebody’s fathers, somebody’s kids that lost their lives because of the hypeman’s cousin’s little brother’s friend felt like he needed to prove something possibly,” he explained referring to violence and individuals involved in rapper’s camps rather than the rappers themselves. “I think a lot of artist’s problems is that they hang out with dudes they can’t control. You shouldn’t have to control grown men but you hang out with dudes you’re scared of.”

Danze also talked about battle rap culture. He says it’s too personal and thinks artists who talk less about other’s personal lives and more about their own success should and will be more successful. 

“It’s too personal but it’s supposed to be personal because we’re battling,” he said. “The dopest battle rappers is going to be a dude that’s not all yelling, not all too far in your face, talking about your mom and your baby and saying really disrespectful shit but saying fly shit, making it all connect like he supposed to and even the rapper he’s battling is going to have to be honest and say, ‘This fucking dude is dope.'”

Billy Danze recently confirmed that M.O.P. is working on releasing three projects. He also confirmed one of the releases would be an EP produced by DJ Premier called Street Certified.

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