Dizaster says that Cassidy is putting himself in the line of fire by battling him. 

“This dude is really taking the risk with me because he knows what the fuck I will do,” Dizaster says of his forthcoming battle against Cassidy, which is slated to take place in Los Angeles in December, according to a story on BattleRap.com. “To me it’s more respectful because I feel more like he really wants to challenge himself. We already know he can bar mothafuckas out, but could you do the other shit? I feel like if I didn’t get this battle the only people that should have deserved this battle would be DNA and Charlie Clips. Real shit. There shouldn’t be nobody else.”

Dizaster also says that he and Cassidy share some similarities.

“We just were black sheep type of shit,” he says. “He’s like a black sheep in the industry right now. I’m the black sheep of the battle game. We’re both almost like villains, but we’re really good dudes. It’s a crazy battle for us. It’s a clash of two different styles, the main styles that represent battle rap.”

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