Continuing to bring hope to his homeland Wyclef Jean has established the Yele Haiti program. The Yele Haiti program is an effort to bring aid and attention to Haiti as the continue to go through what Wyclef calls a “mini civil war” between Aristide loyalists, police and guerrilla gangs. Formed by Wyclef and his cousin Jerry Duplessis, Wyclef wants to see the impoverished children gain a better educational standard. “With Clef, he’s like the Bob Marley for Jamaica, the Beatles for England, Elvis for America”, Jerry said to MTV. “People trust him”.

The programs first initiative is to give one hundred and thirty four scholarships to the Sports Academy that offers educations, soccer training and hot meals to students after school. The Yele project will also help to rebuild over twenty schools and provide more than 3,600 other scholarships to people in the city of Gonaives. Although there have been violent outbreaks throughout Haiti, Wyclef is making plans to do a “world festival” that may include a performance by the Fugees.