A twenty five million dollar lawsuit has been filed against Snoop Dogg stating that he was allegedly involved in a rape that happen two years ago. A celebrity makeup artist has filed a lawsuit last week alleging Snoop Dogg and several men from his entourage drugged and raped her following a taping of the “Jimmy Kimmel Show”. During the show Snoop played a guest host filling in for the host Jimmy Kimmel and the unnamed woman applied Snoop’s makeup for four shows and says her drink was allegedly spiked after the final celebratory appearance.

In addition to suing Snoop and the two men, the unnamed woman is also suing the Walt Disney Co who owns the ABC network show. In December of last year Snoop filed a lawsuit against the woman alleging she had been trying to extort $5 million dollars from him in order to keep quiet. “It is truly unfortunate that she has chosen to follow the increasingly common path of misusing the legal system as a means of extracting financial gain from entertainers”, Snoops publicists said.