Boston rapper Slaine was asked about a handful of his fellow artists, during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV. The New England lyricist was first asked to name the artist he believes is the greatest white rapper of all time, Eminem not included.

He went on to rattle down a list of emcees that included Everlast, Ill Bill, and Vinnie Paz.

“The greatest white rapper besides Eminem, you’re asking me? I mean, there’s a lot of great ones, man,” Slaine said. “I think Ill Bill is amazing. I think Vinnie Paz is amazing. I think Everlast is amazing. I think Action Bronson now is really doing his thing. Especially—He’s a New York artist with a New York sound still. And he’s very comfortable in his own skin. He’s a funny dude. He has great videos. I like what Action’s doing a lot. But yeah, I mean, to me Everlast was kinda early on to me the best. And obviously, Eminem is great.”

Slaine, who previously stated that “Everlast is the only one who ever really beat Eminem in a battle,” was then asked about the past beef between the two rappers. He spoke on how long ago the feud was and credited both Everlast and Eminem for being “at the height of great, white emcees.”

“I mean that was a long time ago, man,” the former La Coka Nostra emcee said. “It’s crazy because I always get asked the Everlast, Eminem beef question. It was like 11 years ago. You know? I’ve had issues with people five years ago or six years ago and now I kick it with them. So, time goes by I don’t think—It’s funny because it’s crazy that 11 years later it’s still kinda like an epic thing that everybody still talks about. But I think Eminem and Everlast are both at the height of great, white emcees. They’re both at the top of that list. So, when they went at each other it was big news. And that was obviously when Eminem was kinda at the peak of his popularity and his power as well. He’s still great now I think.”

Lastly, Slaine spoke on Yelawolf being dubbed the next Eminem at the start of his music career. In regards to the label Yela received, he explained that a large majority of white rappers have faced similar comparisons to the Detroit emcee.

The rapper then credited Em for having “the biggest career in the history of Hip Hop music,” a title he says only Jay Z comes close to.

“Eminem was so dope that every white emcee after him would kinda get ‘Sounds like Eminem. Next Eminem,’” Slaine said. “I think anybody who came out after him has kinda had that shadow cast. That just goes to show you how big of a shadow that dude cast…I’m sure Yelawolf got put with that shadow cause he’s signed to Eminem’s label. I think Yelawolf is dope honestly in his own right. And he’s carved out a dope career for himself. A great career for himself. But comparing anybody to the career that Eminem had, I mean, he has the biggest career in the history of Hip Hop music. The only guy you can really put in that same discussion career-wise, like the scope—The only guy I think is Jay Z.”

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