Noted Detroit wordsmith Eminem and former La Coka Nostra emcee Everlast may have once exchanged ferocious bars as part of their past feud, but according to fellow rapper Slaine, the pair has made amends and even reportedly appear on a record together.

Shortly after sharing his thoughts on the battle he believes Everlast won, Slaine went on to speak on a never before-released record he came across that features Eminem, Everlast, Busta Rhymes, and a handful of other rappers.

“I didn’t even know him until 2006. No, but I was a fan of Everlast. I thought Everlast is the only one who ever really beat Eminem in a battle, honestly to me,” Slaine revealed. “And I thought that as a fan before I knew Everlast. But I mean Eminem slayed everybody dude when he’d come out with these tracks. He was ruthless with it, right? But I felt like Everlast really got under his skin with that. Two great emcees, obviously…I didn’t even hear this from Everlast. I was in L.A. and saw Scoop DeVille and we were kicking it and he played me some shit off Busta Rhymes’ record…And it’s Eminem, Busta, fuckin Everlast, and a few other cats on it. But yeah, it was pretty dope. Yeah, it hasn’t come out yet.”

Although Everlast was once a member of La Coka Nostra, Slaine says any possibility of the group collaborating with The Life Acoustic rapper is slim due to Everlast’s obligations to his family as well as his solo work.

While Everlast’s ability to contribute to the group is no longer present, Slaine says his fellow La Coka Nostra members are available to reconnect when time allows.

“Bill and Vinnie I know are doing a Heavy Metal Kings album right now. Bill’s doing a tour for a solo album for the Grimy Awards. I’m doing this stuff, but that’s fam and we’re gonna reconnect and do that. But I don’t have a timetable on it yet…No, I think he’s doing his solo stuff man, but I think he has such a—he has heavy responsibilities at home and it’s difficult,” said Slaine, when asked about Everlast. “It takes a lot of time to do a project in a group and all that man, so I think he just honestly couldn’t keep the commitment to the project that is required to do a group.”

Additionally, Slaine is also working on an album of his own, titled The King Of Everything Else, and is continuing to flex his acting chops. The Boston rapper has appeared in The Town, Killing Them Softly, and a handful of other films.

“Yeah, I got a solo album called The King Of Everything Else, which is pretty much done,” the rapper shared. “I’m not sure when exactly it’s gonna come out. That’s always determined with other business and whether I’m shooting a movie or doing a TV show or something like that…Supreme Villain is a project I’m doing with Madchild. We started recording in January and we’re about to start recording some more stuff. We’re gonna take our time with it and we’re kinda building buzz for that with this tour right now and that should come out mid-2014.

Slaine’s full interview with Montreality can be found below.

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