SMACK/URL’S Norbes says that a potential Hollow Da Don battle with Charlie Clips would be a great competition. 

“I know Hollow is like the most fierce competitor,” Norbes says according to an article on “We was talking about him doing it before at Summer Madness and he respects Clips as an emcee and he was like, ‘Man, I wanna be at full strength before I take that battle.’ To be honest with you, I don’t know who’s gonna win. It’s a very evenly matched battle. Hollow is crazy [and] Clips is crazy with the freestyle. They both can punch. They both can perform. They’re both fan favorites. I couldn’t even tell you, man. It’s tough, man. They’re in a lot of people’s #1 and #2 [spots], so I definitely think when they do battle on SMACK that it’s gonna be the battle of, ‘Who you gonna put in front of who’ to be honest with you at that point.”

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