With his artist Ashanti doing well with her latest album and the movie Coach Carter it was almost as if the Inc was headed for brighter days. However, Irv Gotti and his brother Christopher turned themselves in to answer money-laundering charges and the government seeks to take hold of the label’s assets.

The US Attorney Roslynn Mauskofp announced Gotti and seven other people would have to answer for charges ranging from racketeering, murder as well as the money laundering.

In the last few weeks the feds have arrested Cynthia Brent a bookkeeper at Murder Inc and Ron Robinson, Ja Rule’s manager, for conspiring to launder over one million dollars.

Kenneth McGriff’s is also being charged with ordering multiple hits on people.

“I will say what I have said before, Murder Inc. Records was started with legitimate money”, said Gerald Lefcourt, Irv Gotti’s lawyer.

Currently McGriff is serving thirty-seven months in federal prison for a gun conviction.