For students at Morehouse College, class seems to be getting more interesting every year.

Nas and his father Olu Dara made a surprise appearance at Morehouse during a jazz improve class as part of MTVU’s “Stand In” television show. The surprise for the nine students, who were told the camera’s and members of the media were for an observation on the communications department, spent most of their class time composing an original song with Nas and his father.

“I wish I’d learned more about playing and reading”, Nas told MTV. “I’d be way more ahead in my music today”. The show will air on MTVU, which is shown on college campuses on February 1st.

Jumping behind the camera, Method Man is readying the release of his first documentary film ‘The Strip Game”. Following five strippers through their daily lives Method Man enlisted guest appearances from Scarface, Redman, Ghostface and more. “The Strip Game” hits stores March 8th.