Daylyt says that he holds a premier place in Battle Rap.  

“I really am that nigga,” Daylyt says in an interview, according to “It has become evident that I really am that nigga in battle rap. Whether I win or lose, it doesn’t matter. I’m literally at the top of battle rap. I’m so much at the top of battle rap that I’m destroying battle rap and building battle rap at the same time. I can lose one day and then put on the fucking best battle y’all ever seen the very next day. I own battle rap.”

Daylyt also discussed his potential forthcoming battle with Pat Stay.

“Pat, I don’t want your chain,” he said, referring to Pat Stay status as KOTD champion. “I don’t want to battle you for the chain. I don’t want to be the Canadian champ. I’m not Canadian. I don’t care to be the King of the Dot champ. I don’t want to be a winner, yo. I want to be the biggest loser ever. I don’t care for winning. Winning is not something I care for, as y’all can see. I don’t want your chain. Leave your chain at home. Don’t bring it. I don’t care for that.”

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