For Ludacris, his new album “Red Light District” isn’t the only thing that’s selling big right now. As a star in the independent film “Hustle and Flow, Ludacris and director John Singleton didn’t know if the small budget film would ever hit the big screen for people to enjoy nationwide. After being turned down a few years ago, John Singleton has sold the film to Paramount Pictures and MTV Films for nine million dollars. Making the film with two million dollars of his own money, Singleton found himself in a bidding war between five different studios after the films premiere during the Sundance Festival.

Joining the film with Singleton behind it was a quick decision Ludacris easily made. “All I had to hear was that John Singleton was doing a movie in the South, that’s its, I was down”, Ludacris told MTV. The film is based on a dirty south rapper named Skinny Black who inspires a pimp to change his career and enter into the hip-hop business.