Krayzie Bone says that Bone thugs-n-harmony’s E. 1999/Legends album being up for bid has created demand for the project. 

“The reaction has been great,” Krayzie Bone says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX that first appeared in DX Daily. “We received the first bidder. I ain’t gonna say who it is…This is gonna be like a domino effect and the one bidder came in like very, very interested. I’m just putting that out there. We got a bidder, so all you all bidders better come on and start bidding ‘cause it’s going down.”

Last month, Bone thugs-n-harmony announced a final world tour, a trek that will coincide with the release of a final, all five-member Bone thugs-n-harmony album for which only one copy will be made. The group said that the album will be sold for at least $1 million. 

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