Although Jamaica, Queens rapstress Nicki Minaj took home the win for Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2014 BET Awards when pitted against fellow artist Iggy Azalea, radio personality Charlamagne recently shared his belief that Iggy should have taken home the award in that category.

He says that Iggy “won the championship” while Nicki chose to take the year off. The Power 105.1 radio host also added that it would have been “dope” if BET let the Australian rapper win the Best Female Hip Hop Artist award.

“A lot of the Barbs got upset with me because I said Iggy Azalea was gonna win Best Female Artist at the BET Awards this year,” Charlamagne said during an interview with VladTV. “I genuinely felt that way. It’s like watching the Miami Heat play the San Antonio Spurs. Iggy had a great year this year. She won the championship, but Nicki is LeBron. She’s still the best player on the planet. You know what I’m saying? But I just felt like Iggy had a better year…Yo, clap for her. She’s a superstar…Nicki raps circles around Iggy Azalea. But Iggy got star power. Iggy—I said it three years ago when I first met Iggy. I’m like ‘This chick gon’ be a superstar.’ The game has never had a white female rapper. Never. That’s been successful. Nicki kinda took the year off…I just thought it would have been dope if BET would have, you know, let Iggy win that award.”

Charlamagne, who described himself as “an objective fan” of Nicki Minaj, also commented on the Young Money artist’s much-talked about “Anaconda” cover art. He says it was a move the rapper didn’t have to make and added that those who saw the cover should have been “happy and appreciative.”

He later brought Lil Kim into the conversation, explaining that Kim rapped mostly about sex while Nicki does more with her music.

“Nicki definitely doesn’t need to do it,” he said. “She’s a dope emcee. We like her because of her music. We like her personality. But it literally is a huge asset to have. The fact that she doesn’t have to do it, but she still chooses to share that with us, we should be happy and appreciative and applaud her. ‘Yes, Nicki. That’s what’s up. I like when you put pasties on your nipples and show us your breasts. I like when you show us your ass.’ Cause to me, Nicki—You have some emcees, female emcees who’ve done nothing but sell sex. You know what I mean? Like Lil Kim back in the day. She sold sex. Even though she could rap, but a lot of it was sex…It was sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Nicki does more than that in her music. But the fact that she—like I said still chooses to give us some of that sometime, that’s a plus.”

In addition to Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, other artists included in the Best Female Hip Hop Artist category at this year’s BET Awards were Charli Baltimore, Eve, and Angel Haze.

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