In a vlog posted Sunday (July 20), Rare Breed Entertainment CEO ARP says that someone called Club Drom and tried to shut his “Lift His Soul” event down. 

“Shout out to whoever it was that called Club Drom and said, ‘Yo, ya’ll might wanna reconsider doing this upcoming Saturday’s event,’ which was July 5 because of whatever happened in LA,” ARP says. “Shout out to you, or ya’ll. Whoever it is, the hate is real. I wish we knew who ya’ll was so we could return the favor. I don’t know what y’all expected to happen. I guess y’all took an opportunity to use some drama that was going on and try to fuck with Rare Breed Entertainment or try to get our show cancelled or shutdown.”

Elsewhere in the video, ARP discusses each of the night’s battles including Big Kannon versus Bigg K.

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