The Los Angeles County D.A. has charged Ray J with 10 crimes, according to TMZ

One charge that the D.A. and the police disagree on is regarding sexual battery. 

As reported in May, following Ray J’s arrest in Beverly Hills, California, TMZ said the following of the incident: “He somehow made contact with a woman’s butt and that’s why cops were called. They determined it was not a sexual battery. The contact was ‘incidental.'” 

The D.A. disagrees, TMZ now reports. 

After leaving the Beverly Hills bar, Ray J was reportedly arrested, but he also kicked out a window of a police vehicle and spit on an officer. The singer would later say he was claustrophobic, which caused him to kick the window out. 

Ray J has been charged with a misdemeanor battery charge, four counts of resisting arrest, three counts of assault and battery and two counts of vandalism. As TMZ reports, all of Ray J’s charges are misdemeanors.

(July 22, 2014)

UPDATE: Ray J’s sexual battery charge was clarified by TMZ with a report today (July 23). “Ray J is being accused of sexual assault not for grabbing a woman’s ass at a Beverly Hills bar … he allegedly grabbed her boob in front of witnesses.”

The report cites new evidence that points to this. The publication also says the area Ray J was in has many cameras. 

Ray J’s arraignment is scheduled for Friday. 

(July 23, 2014)

UPDATE #2: Ray J made a not guilty plea to sexual battery, vandalism, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest charges, according to The New York Post

Ray J is set to appear in court on August 28 for a preliminary hearing, the report says. 

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